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We PeraGlow offer several recipes of tested

We PeraGlow offer several recipes of tested This cream , on a vegetable basis, using which, you can get a smooth, smooth and glowing skin. This cream of potatoes Potatoes are very good for oily skin care. Divide the potatoes into two halves and rub it gently on the skin in circular motions. Leave the potato juice on the skin for a period of This cream to This cream minutes, then rinse with water. Potato juice absorbs excess fat, makes the skin radiant and soft. Potato juice, moreover, helps to smooth fine wrinkles. Applying a slice of potatoes to the eyes helps to reduce black circles under the eyes. Cucumber This cream Cucumber, in addition to a general positive effect on the skin, also has a whitening effect. In order to refresh your skin, take half the cucumber and squeeze out the juice from it...